Business Update: 1st January to 11th February 2022

Howdy Infomatix followers.

2021 was a tremendous year for Infomatix, and there are so many exciting milestones in store for 2022. Some of these include adventures into the Metaverse, ramped up marketing, CEX listings and the Infomatix platform launch 🚀

This article will highlight everything that took place at Infomatix from 1st January to 11th February 2022.

🔸 Infomatix Plans to Step into the Metaverse!

Infomatix started developing a metaversal experience to allow users to view all their assets in the Metaverse. Seeing how the developments are proceeding, we will be able to release the first metaversal experience on 24th February 2022. Here’s a glimpse of what we have achieved with the Multiverse so far.

🔸 Infomatix Lite Version is Now Available!

The initial version of the platform is now available on This version allows physical asset holders to add their assets to the platform and understand the actual portal.

🔸 Infothon is LIVE!

The first-ever Infothon is now live with the launch of the Infomatix lite version. Exciting NFT rewards to be won with the Infothon.

More details:

🔸 Hiring Orkhan Khalafov as the new CMO

We kicked off the year 2022 by hiring a Chief Marketing Officer for Infomatix. This was the key marketing piece that we’ve missed since we launched the project.

With the help of Orkhan, we have launched several ad campaigns to start the marketing approach. Once we get enough metrics from these ads, we will expand the marketing activities to the next level.

🔸 Road to Mainnet Learn and Earn Contest

On 5th January, we’ve launched a learn and earn Contest with $1000 worth of INFO tokens as rewards. We received over 250 entries for this Contest in which we selected ten winners to receive $100 worth INFO tokens each.

🔸 Infomatix X DePo AMA on DePo’s Discord

On 14th January, our CEO, Nathan Fowler, was invited to participate in an AMA with DePo on their Discord server. This was an excellent opportunity to let the members of the DePo community know about Infomatix and make way towards a possible partnership with DePo.

🔸 Infomatix Discord Alpha Member Campaign

On 14th January, we launched an initiative to add the first 3000 members to join our Discord as Alpha Members. These members will have perks of their own in events that are taking place on our Discord server.

Join Infomatix Discord:

🔸 Infomatix AMA Marathon

First-ever Infomatix AMA Marathon Kicked off on 21st January 2022. We were able to host 5 AMAs as a part of the marathon. These were great opportunities to introduce our partners and team members to the community.

🔹 AMA with Bill Nolan from TAF Token

The first AMA of the Marathon took place on our YouTube channel. The guest for this AMA was Bill Nolan, CEO of the TAF Token.

🔹 AMA with Orkhan Khalafov, Infomatix CMO

AMA with Infomatix CMO Orkhan Khalafov was held on 22nd January on our Telegram. This was the first session our community members got to meet Orkhan. It was a huge success, with lots of questions being raised during the AMA from the members.

🔹 AMA with DePo

3rd AMA of the Marathon was held with DePo on our Discord server on 24th January 2022. This was a great opportunity to let our members know about DePo and the possible partnership.

🔹 AMA with Crypto Plebes

AMA with Crypto Plebes took place on Twitter Spaces on 26th January as the 4th iteration of the AMA Marathon. With this AMA, plebes we’ve partnered with Crypto Plebes to launch Infomatix themed NFTs.

Crypto Plebes announced the launch of 9 Infomatix themed plebes up for grabs on their Opensea market. We are pleased to announce that these NFTs were sold out during the auction.

A plebe NFT was given away worth 0.5 ETH to celebrate this partnership.

🔹 AMA with Sergey Lesninsky, Infomatix CTO

The last episode of the AMA Marathon was the AMA with our CTO Sergey Lesninsky, in which he explained his journey at Infomatix and his view on the project for the next five years.

🟢 About Infomatix

Infomatix allows experts to monetise their unique expertise and reduces communication bottlenecks by combining demand for price data with the supply of expert knowledge. With Infomatix, anybody looking to trade non-public assets may connect with a wide variety of experts to get pricing and background information.

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