How Infomatix Caters to All Kinds of Investments…

The phenomenal growth of the internet, among other things, has resulted in a diversity of opportunities for both individuals and businesses — and this industry has extended to include sectors such as investments. The traditional chain model was made up of marketplaces that could only be accessed via intermediaries; the new world of investing allows individual investors to act directly on assets. As a result, trading cryptocurrencies and equities have become two of investors' most popular trends. Stocks and cryptocurrency are essential components of an investment portfolio. Investing in stocks and cryptocurrencies can help investors build savings, safeguard money from inflation and taxes, and optimise their overall investment return.

Because of their popularity, investors have discovered many new tools and procedures for analysing and tracking stocks and crypto-assets. New investors who want to start investing may find various online tools and instructional materials geared toward investing in stocks and cryptocurrencies in particular.

Lack of Financial Services for Alternative Asset Investments

Many alternative asset investors have been left behind as equities and crypto assets have grown in favour among investors. There are essentially no tools or procedures available to help these investors maintain track of their holdings or understand their riches. The only way for them to determine the value of their assets is with a best guess or a quote from someone who has an interest in low balling them to sell higher.

  1. Stamp collections are a good investment for those who like them. Many collectable stamps are uncommon and difficult to locate, which adds to their rarity and worth. However, collectors may not have the necessary contacts to determine the actual value of an old stamp in their possession.
  2. Many of our most renowned artists, like Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, and Michelangelo, have paintings that sell for millions of dollars. Much of the value is due to the high quality of the painting, but it is also due to these well-known painters' scarcity of works of art. Some folks may have gotten their hands on one of these worthy paintings but have no clue what the painting’s genuine value is.

Many of these alternative asset investment trackings have gone unnoticed in recent years, leaving many investors unattended.

Infomatix Links Pricing Data Seekers to Experts

Financial service companies such as Bloomberg and Apple stock trader concentrate on a few or specific areas. Infomatix, on the other hand, caters to both stock and alternative assets for which investors want price information. Infomatix gets price data for stocks and cryptos through APIs available on the internet. Pricing data for alternative investments are obtained by automated data collection and specialists in specific niches, enabling them to monetise their expertise.

Infomatix is the first startup to tackle the issue of unattended alternative pricing data.

The Infomatix Portal’s Lite version is now available! We welcome you to give it a go to get a taste of what’s to come.




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