Infomatix: 2021 Year in Review

For the past year, all of us at Infomatix were busy developing a product that enriches data requesters and experts in alternative asset classes. We have achieved a lot in a short period.

Infomatix is a unique platform that links data requesters to experts, allowing experts to earn money for their expertise. Infomatix aims to target investors with exposure to alternative and illiquid asset classes. Providing a pricing mechanism for Pokemon cards, sneakers, real estate, luxury goods and other collectibles.

What an exciting, action-packed year 2021 was for Infomatix. Join us in this article to reflect on the year’s most significant accomplishments as we close off 2021, our first full year of operation.

🔸 Q1 2021

INFO Token Generated on Binance Smart Chain

Infomatix native token launched on BSC with a total supply of 720 Million tokens.

Infomatix Development Started

Development of the Infomatix portal started in the latter part of the 1st quarter of 2021.

🔸 Q2 2021

Nosis V2 Released

Improved version of the Nosis platform released on Q2 of 2021. This version was more user friendly and had more functionalities than the MVP release of the Nosis platform.

Infomatix Telegram Community Formed

The main point of communication for Infomatix was set up and launched on Telegram. Various contests such as meme contests and community airdrops were conducted on Telegram to attract more members into the community and get the message out about Infomatix.

🔸 Q3 2021

Infomatix Presale

The presale of Infomatix was held and sold out on 5th September 2021. A total of $250,000 was raised during the presale with the contribution from Bill Nolan and Bitcoin TAF community.

IDO Strategy Planning

Plans for the IDO of Infomatix started in Q3 of 2021. This included reaching out to IDO platforms and planning out the IDO process.

$INFO Airdrop

On 1st October 2021, we launched the biggest INFO airdrop with a total prize pool of $25,000 worth of INFO tokens.

This airdrop helped us increase followers throughout our social media by tenfold. A total of 20,000+ members participated in the airdrop, out of which 2000 winners were selected to receive $10 worth of INFO tokens.

🔸 Q4 2021

INFO IDO on GPool, DxSale and ZeroSwap

Infomatix IDO was held on 2nd November on three popular launchpads. All three launchpads were oversubscribed,

A total of $500,000 was raised from all the launchpads.

  • Raise from GPool: 250,000$
  • Raise from DxSale: 125,000$
  • Raise from ZeroSwap: 125,000$

DxSale IDO sold out in under 30 seconds, leaving 9/10 whitelisted users behind.

INFO Got Listed on PancakeSwap

After the successful completion of Infomatix IDO, $INFO was listed on PancakeSwap. The price soared to a whopping all-time high of $0.065, resulting in 20X and 11X gains for presale investors and IDO investors, respectively.

INFO Gets Listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko

Due to the high trading volume reached on the first day of trading, Infomatix got listed on CMC and CG within 24 hours of listing on PancakeSwap. This was one of the most significant accomplishments of 2021.

INFO Staking and LP Farms Launched

Single staking for INFO was launched on 22nd November on TosDis to allow INFO holders to earn a passive income while holding on to INFO.

With the partnership with ApeSwap, we could launch INFO-BUSD farming and several staking options such as stake INFO to earn BANANA and stake GNANA to earn INFO which helped us reach the ApeSwap community.

PR Agency Partnership

On 17th November, we partnered with to get the message about Infomatix to a broader audience and amplify the Infomatix story.

With this partnership, we were able to run our press release in over 200 publications including, MarketWatch and Yahoo! Finance.

AAX Listing

On 23rd December, INFO was listed on AAX as our first of many Centralized Exchange listings. Several activities were held with the collaboration of AAX to celebrate the listing, which included a trading competition and a community giveaway.

Launch of Infomatix Discord Server

To better serve the community, we launched our Discord server. Discord enables us to better communicate with the community, condenses all our social output into one place, and removes barriers between the team and community.

Why are we Bullish for 2022?

With the recent growth in real estate, cryptocurrency and the whole alternative asset classes, the need for the problem that the Infomatix platform aims to solve in the market has risen. DeFi was blooming in 2020, NFTs did the same in 2021, and it looks like Web3 is the new trend for all crypto enthusiasts out there. Infomatix uses Web3 technology to make the platform more feasible. All these will result in massive growth in Infomatix users in 2022.

In the short term, for the 2022 plans, we have,

  • Infomatix portal Mainnet Launch
  • Due Diligence platform release
  • Infomatix integration with Nosis
  • Stepping into NFTs
  • Partnerships/ Integrations with top tier projects

Many more to come as we progress with the project.

We respect all the feedback of our community members, and we would like to hear what suggestions you have for us to make things better.

2022 is wholly stacked for Infomatix. Foundational pieces of the project laid down in 2021, and in 2022 we will be taking these foundation steps forward and will have more to show.

Alpha member contest in our Discord server is live. Lots of perks are available to Alpha Members. Join in now:

Infomatix | Nosis | Twitter | Telegram | Medium



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