Infomatix Business Update: 13th of August to 23rd of September 2022

4 min readSep 26, 2022

Infomatix Platform Launch 27.08.22

The long-awaited Infomatix Portal is now live, and users can begin completing price requests and earning $INFO tokens. With this launch, Infomatix became the first decentralized pricing platform that allows users to earn cryptocurrency for their data contributions. The Infomatix Portal aims to provide a fair, transparent, and efficient way for users to access data markets. By completing tasks on the Portal, users can earn $INFO. We believe this will help create a more inclusive and decentralized data ecosystem where everyone can benefit from participating. So head on over to and start earning $INFO today!

Infomatix AMA with Alan Haydon

Alan Haydon is an avid Pokémon fan and collector who has spent years accumulating an outstanding collection. In this AMA, he discussed what it takes to become a Pokémon card collector, including the time and effort necessary to assemble a complete collection. He also explained the financial implications of collecting and offered advice on how to profit from this enjoyable pastime. This AMA offered a fascinating look into the world of Pokémon collecting and is sure to be of interest to anyone considering taking up this passion.

Infomatix AMA with Bill Nolan

Last week, we featured Bill Nolan, who discussed his insights on bitcoin and its promise for obtaining financial independence through intelligent investment decisions and careful preparation.

Bill is a financial specialist with years of industry expertise. Additionally, he is a crypto phile who has been active in the field for years. He is well-versed in the crypto industry and knows what it takes to make prudent financial decisions.

Nosis Discord Server Release

Nosis is proud to announce that we are now on Discord! For those unfamiliar with Discord, it is a chat app designed for gamers that have become increasingly popular among crypto and stock investors. We believe that Discord is the perfect platform for us to continue our mission of providing accurate and actionable investment information to our users. In addition to being able to chat with other Nosis users, you will also be able to receive product feedback and support directly from the Nosis team. We hope you will join us on Discord so we can continue to grow and improve together.

Nosis Discord 👉

Infomatix Community Moderator of the Month — August

We want to take a moment to recognize one of our outstanding community moderators, David Pethiyagoda. David has been an active member of the Infomatix team since he joined us and is always quick to lend a helping hand. He is always willing to go above and beyond in anything he does, whether helping other members with their questions or organizing community events. We are fortunate to have him as a part of our team, and we want to thank him for all he has done for us. Keep up the excellent work, David!

Meme Contest Winners Announcement

Thank you to the Nosis community for your over-the-top creativity and effort. You guys rock! The best memes have risen to the top. Congratulations to our five winners who secured 50,000 $INFO. Keep an eye out for future Meme contests! Memes are a great way to spread awareness about important topics in a light-hearted way. They also help to engage people who might not otherwise be interested in the topic. We hope that through Meme contests like this, we can continue to engage people in a fun and meaningful way.

🟢 About Infomatix

Infomatix allows experts to monetize their unique expertise and reduces communication bottlenecks by combining demand for price data with the supply of expert knowledge. With Infomatix, anybody looking to trade non-public assets may connect with various experts to get pricing and background information.

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