Infomatix Business Update: 26th October to 8th November 2021

We’ve had the busiest but most successful couple of weeks at Infomatix, and we accomplished a great deal during this time, owing to the fantastic support of our team and the amazing community! As we continue with our activities and plans, we want to provide our community with a short recap of what happened at Infomatix this past two weeks.

🟢 Project Development

Infomatix $INFO IDO Concluded with Massive Success! 🚀

Infomatix IDO was held on DxSale, GPool and Zeroswap. All of these launchpads were oversubscribed!

  • IDO on DxSale Community Round

We were initially planning on giving 500 whitelisting spots to our community members. Due to high demand, we decided to select 750 whitelisted members to take part in the IDO on DxSale.

The total allocation for this round was 125,000$ (250BNB). We are excited to announce that this round got filled in just under 30 seconds after starting the IDO, leaving 9/10 whitelisted users behind.

  • IDO on Genesis Pool for GPool Token Holders

Genesis Pool IDO had the highest allocation out of the three launchpads — 250,000$. GPool Round 1 was reserved for gold pass holders, while round 2 was reserved for silver and bronze pass holders.

Total allotment for GPool was filled in the first round, allowing only Gold pass holders of GPool OGs with access to $INFO at the IDO.

  • IDO on Zeroswap for ZEE Token Holders

There were a total of 3425 applications received for the Infomatix IDO on Zeroswap, where only 625 spots were allowed to take part in it, making the IDO 5.5x oversubscribed!

All tokens for Zeroswap and GPool IDO participants are appropriately vested. 25% was sent out at TGE, and the remaining 75% will be sent out in the coming three months, 25% per each.

Infomatix $INFO Gets Listed on Pancakeswap! 🔥

Following a successful IDO, $INFO got listed on Pancakeswap on 2nd November at 11.30 PM UTC. After launching, the price of $INFO skyrocketed to an all-time high of 0.065$, which is 20x from the presale price and 11x from the IDO price.

Trade on PancakeSwap Here:

You can view the chart at Dextools and Poocoin Now!

Dextools 👉

Poocoin 👉

Infomatix Gets Listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko 📊

We are thrilled to let our followers know that we were able to get listed on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko in just under 24 hours from the launch! You can now keep track of $INFO price here:


CG 👉

Infomatix Portal Developments Continues! 🌟

Even though most of us were focussing on the $INFO launch, our dedicated development team continues to work on developing the Infomatix portal. We are planning to launch the V1 of Infomatix in early December.

🟢 Community Development

Infomatix Blog Contest Concluded 🎉

The first-ever Infomatix Blog Contest came to an end on 30th October 2021. We received over 50 entries for this contest, and winners will be announced soon,

Infomatix Army Update ✅

INFO Army played a significant role in making the IDO and launch successfully. Round 1 of the Army was ended on 4th November, and Round 2 is currently going on. If you are interested in joining the army and help us share the word, contact our mods on Telegram!

🟢 About Infomatix

Infomatix allows experts to monetize their unique expertise and reduces communication bottlenecks by combining demand for price data with the supply of expert knowledge. With Infomatix, anybody looking to trade non-public assets may connect with a wide variety of experts to get pricing and background information.

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A data collection project like no other |

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A data collection project like no other |

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