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4 min readNov 7, 2022

Covid-19 took us away from each other for nearly a year and at the same breathe, it showed us all new ways of bonding.

Individuals across all sectors started finding a community with people of shared interest. For some, it was a new experience and for others, it was the beginning of a deepened experience. From movie lovers to communities of healthcare givers but most especially participants in the Blockchain industry.

One can say that what the industry didn’t have in terms of physical assets, it is made up of an enormous amount of enthusiasts who commune together.

Communities that stretch across GitHub, Notion, Medium, Discord, Telegram, Twitter, and other multiple apps and Dapps for OGs. Bonds that are built on the bullish anima of the emerging market and on the hope that drives the W.A.G.I culture. Communities bound by the different bloodlines of Native tokens and united by stablecoins.

Do you get the gist now?

Community is the soul of blockchain technology and community managers are gods, creators of their own makings. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough events tailored to appreciate community managers. You would expect that gods are to be praised or even better, given a space to share creative ideas and combine powers to boost collaborations.

Well, your expectations are in others!

It happened and the spotlight was in Africa, in the city of Lagos Nigeria. The busiest city in Africa housing approximately 14 million people. There truly couldn’t have been a better place to celebrate community managers. Put together by Community4Africa and Community leads Africa with their partners, #CMFest22 is a one-day hybrid event for community leaders, managers, and everyone in between to come together learn, network, and have conversations around building sustainable communities.

According to The world bank, Sub-Saharan Africa, is home to more than 1 billion people, half of whom will be under 25 years old by 2050. This is a diverse continent offering human and natural resources and most all an under-tapped tank of data.

Infomatix being the most ambitious data collection project that is big on community building and development wouldn’t have been born to miss this historical opportunity and moment.

Our very own Community manager Mario-Bruno was there to represent our community amongst the heads of so managers in other communities most within but also beyond Africa.


Introduced Infomatix community to Haneeefah Abdurrahman the community manager for Ingressive for good (@ingressive4good) and the founder of community for Africa (cmforafrica).

Met and hung out with the Growth lead for DAOHQ, the world's first DAO marketplace. The community that we have collaborated with.

Introduced Infomatix to the community managers building Sterling banks Cafe one. They run a Co workspace of techies in Nigeria.

The moment when Mario~Bruno turned so people can scan the Infomatix QR code

#CMFest22 was an incredible moment that Infomatix is proud to be part of.

Because of this great event, we have started building relationships with different communities including but not limited to communities of data professionals, cybersecurity enthusiasts, API payment infrastructures, and Data visualization.

At Infomatix, we are big believers in Helen Keller's philosophy that alone we can do so little but together, we can do so much.

We are excited about the collaborations that will be coming shortly courtesy of #CMFest22.

Don’t leave this space! Keep a tab on our social media platforms to be part of this journey of community growth with us.

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