Infomatix Lite Version is now LIVE!

We are excited to announce that today, 9th of February 2022, the Infomatix Lite version has been launched!

Infomatix intends to serve as the global source of truth for niche and difficult-to-track assets such as art, sneakers, stamps, jewellery, collectible cars, antiques, and real estate. All of which will inherit the same digital pricing algorithms as more standard asset classes. This mechanism has never been attempted before — a unified platform for tracking alternative and illiquid assets in the same way that cryptocurrencies, stocks, bonds, and other digital financial instruments are tracked.

The Infomatix Lite version encourages physical asset holders to submit details of their assets and their characteristics and pricing information. The asset data collected will be automatically added to the user’s Nosis profile to easily manage and keep track of the assets they are holding on to.

How to use the Infomatix Lite Platform and take part in the Infothon?

You can now submit details of the assets you hold on to by simply following the steps below and take part in the Infothon on the 11th of February to win exclusive NFT rewards.

Step 1: Head over to scroll down, and click on the button “Submit your asset”.

Step 2: Gather all the details you have about the asset you hold and click on “Start” to begin the submission

Step 3: Enter the Asset name and a brief description of the asset. This could include any characteristic of the asset (condition, size, brand, features etc.)

Step 4: Select the category to which your asset belongs. Select “Other” if the category is not available in the list.

Step 5: Enter the estimated value of the asset

Step 6: Attach an image of the asset that you own (most important step)

Step 7: Enter details about yourself

Step 8: Refer more friends to use the platform to climb up the leaderboard.

Leaderboard, Referrals and Exclusive Rewards explained…

Our developers have developed a leaderboard to display the leaders of the Infothon. This leaderboard will show who the top 50 users of the platform are.

You have two options to reach the top of the leaderboard,

✅ Add the most physical assets

✅ Refer more friends to use the platform

Top 50 users at the end of the Infothon will receive 50 exclusive NFT passes as rewards.

✅ Top 10 Users: Gold NFT Pass

✅ Top 11–50 Users: Silver NFT Pass

Holders of these NFT passes will be the first to access the Infomatix Multiverse once it is launched. Here’s a glimpse of what we have achieved with the Multiverse so far 👀

More exciting updates to come in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned!

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