The Infomatix Platform Explained…

This article defines the Infomatix platform in detail and walks you through the platform's many features.

What is Infomatix Platform?

Infomatix is a unique platform that allows experts to monetize their expertise and reduces communication bottlenecks by combining demand for price data with the supply of expert knowledge. Anyone interested in trading non-public assets may use Infomatix to connect with a range of specialists to get price and background information. Infomatix aims to collect the price of every asset that traditional data wholesalers do not cover.

Nosis at the moment offers a platform that makes it easy for traders to access data from wholesalers. People who own property, such as houses, jewellery, or artwork, may enter their property’s worth, and we will treat this information as an asset. On the other hand, many assets are being left out of consideration because individuals don’t know how much they are worth. Infomatix addresses this problem by enabling professionals to share their valuable knowledge with those in need of it while also being compensated for their efforts, resulting in a win-win situation for both sides.

Experts may contribute two kinds of data to the platform upon request:

  • Time-Dependent Price Data
  • Due Diligence Reports

Initially, the platform would only be accessible for pricing data requests. The 'Price data requests' section contains a specification for these queries. If users wish to request data that is not yet accessible on the Infomatix platform, they must register to get the Requester status. Registered users may apply for Responder and Verifier status by submitting their personal information, credentials, and evidence of competence to the platform's administrators for evaluation.

The Infomatix platform's primary purpose of obtaining and validating on-demand data will be expanded to include on-demand due diligence for conventional, digital, and decentralized business models. This development enables the Infomatix community to contribute to a more equitable world of investment.

Data Requesters

A Requester may request pricing data for free, but approval and, therefore, possible fulfillment of such requests are not assured. Requests for due diligence must be paid in whole by the Requester. Suppose a due diligence request is denied or does not get a response and verification within the specified time. In that case, the platform will refund the amount paid for request submission to the Requester less the platform charge and blockchain transaction fee.

Data Responders

Responders may see a list of all authorized requests by the platform and are awaiting a response. Depending on whether the Responder is authorized to give pricing data, due diligence reports, or both, the Responder will see the appropriate kinds of requests. This list includes the information about:

  • Data request name, description, and keywords
  • Reward
  • Time limit
  • Number of submitted responses

The responders will prepare due diligence reports in the form of a 100-point checklist, which will include the following:

  • Company information
  • Financial information
  • Product information
  • Legalities

Each respondent whose submission is verified successfully gets an equal portion of the reward associated with that request.

Data Verifiers

All data responses submitted are subject to verification. To begin verifying answers to a specific request, the Verifier must first claim it. Following a claim, the Verifier will have access to a list of all answers provided in response to the request. Verifiers must review all submitted solutions to ensure the data and referenced sources are correct and relevant and then choose the most accurate and relevant one to be deemed verified.

Multiple Verifiers may verify due diligence reports, with each Verifier focusing on a single area. Suppose information in one or more of the categories is not confirmed within the specified period. In that case, the Requester can accept the unverified information and receive the appropriate reward amount with costs deducted proportionally.

Use of Infomatix in a Practical Example

Consider real estate as an example; suppose you purchased a property for $1 million but have no means of knowing the houses' value in ten years. This is where Infomatix comes in handy. It enables you to enter the house's address that requires valuation and automatically sends the information to the Responder, a valuation specialist. In this case, a real estate agent or property valuer will analyze the house's address and characteristics and provide a valuation based on the market.

The valuation is then sent to a verifier. The Verifier will check the valuation to ensure it is genuine and accurate and approve it if everything is correct. Once approved, the data is written to the Infomatix database, and Infomatix provides you with that particular piece of data. Additionally, this data is made accessible to investors seeking to refer to the same data point.

Infomatix Platform Availability

The platform will first be available as a web-based application with mobile compatibility. The platform is set to launch in early November.

Immediately after the launch, developers will begin development on a mobile application that will be compatible with both iOS and Android mobile operating systems.

We are aware that you are all anxiously awaiting the launch of our platform. We will make it accessible to you immediately. Stay in touch and learn more about Infomatix.

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