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After months of dedication and continuous effort by everyone at Infomatix, we now have a fully functional product ready for beta release. This article will guide you through all you need to know about the Infomatix portal.

To celebrate, we are opening up the first test group to use the platform and earn. Are you a subject matter expert with in-depth knowledge of any illiquid asset class? Are you an online research expert? You may now apply to join our portal as an Appraiser and earn money for your expertise by registering at

Nosis and Infomatix

The Infomatix ecosystem consists of two essential products.

  • is a freely available data visualization platform that is used to visualize all investments across all asset classes. The platform visualizes financial data obtained from various traditional data vendor APIs for stocks, cryptos, interest rates, bonds and currencies. collects all the other asset pricing data that can’t be brought from the traditional data wholesalers and covers everything from jewellery to real estate, pokemon cards to antiques and sneakers to muscle cars.

Nosis covers the needs of an investor, while Infomatix links users to the pricing data that they seek.

What is Infomatix Portal and Its Purpose?

Infomatix portal offers a solution for linking the demand for pricing data with the supply of expert knowledge within a single ecosystem, minimizing inefficiencies in communication and enabling experts to monetize their proprietary information.

To assure the quality, relevance, and authenticity of the data collected by Infomatix, a system of checks and balances is in place that enables participants to grade one another’s contributions and initiate disputes if they suspect an actor of engaging in harmful behaviour with malicious intent.

A panel of portal administrators will examine and resolve disagreements, which will result in the deletion of unreliable data.

In general, the Infomatix portal allows anyone interested in buying or selling a non-publicly traded asset to obtain necessary price and background information by connecting investors with a diverse network of professionals. These experts possess the essential knowledge and have the legal authority to disclose information about their areas of expertise.

Users will be allowed to request Time-Dependent Price Data from this iteration of the Infomatix portal.

Key Roles Associated with the Infomatix Portal

The Infomatix portal has three critical roles associated with the ecosystem. These roles include,

  • Data Requesters
  • Data Appraisers
  • Data Verifiers

Data Requesters

If the user wants to request the data not currently available on the Infomatix database, they can do so through Requesters can submit requests for either a single value or a dataset of any illiquid asset they are seeking the valuation for. A Requester may request pricing data for free.

How to become a Data Requester? Anyone looking to get the valuation of an asset is a data requester. All they have to do is register for the portal and submit their requests.

Data Appraisers

Data Appraisers (responders) may see a list of all authorized requests by the portal and are awaiting a response. Depending on whether the Appraiser is allowed to give pricing data, the Appraiser will see the appropriate kinds of requests. This list includes information about:

  • Data request name, description, and keywords
  • Reward
  • Time limit
  • Number of submitted responses

Each Appraiser whose submission is verified successfully gets an equal portion of the reward associated with that request.

How to Become a Data Appraiser? Anyone with expertise in certain asset classes can apply to become an appraiser in the portal. Those who apply to become data appraisers should be able to verify their expertise.

Data Verifiers

All data responses submitted are subject to verification. To verify answers to a specific request, the verifier must first claim it. Following a claim, the verifier will have access to a list of all answers provided in response to the request. Verifiers must review all submitted solutions to ensure the data and referenced sources are correct and relevant and then choose the most accurate and relevant one to be deemed verified.

How to Become a Data Verifier? Once an appraiser proves their expertise, they can apply to become a verifier in the portal.

How Does the Infomatix Portal Work?

Once a request is submitted to the platform, an admin will first need to check the request and approve it by providing an appropriate amount of INFO as the reward and giving an expiration date and time for the particular request.

Here’s a great Infomatix portal walkthrough video from our CTO, Sergey Lesninskyi:

Steps to follow as a Data Appraiser

Step 1: Log in to the platform / Register to the platform as a Data Appraiser providing your area of expertise.

Step 2: Select and click on the request that you will provide the valuation.

Step 3: Select the justification from the dropdown,

Step 4: Provide the valuation

Step 5: Select the citation from the dropdown menu and fill out the information as necessary.

Step 6: Download the answer template and fill it out.

Step 7: Upload the filled answer template.

Step 8: Click on the text box to agree to submission guidelines and click on Submit.

Steps to apply to become a Data Verifier

Step 1: Log in to your appraiser account

Step 2: Click on the profile button

Step 3: Click on the “Get verified status” button

Step 4: Fill out all the necessary information and apply.

Steps to follow as a Data Verifier

Step 1: Log in to the data verifier account

Step 2: Navigate to the valuation waiting for verification

Step 3: Review the response provided by the Appraiser

Step 4: Deny or Approve the response based on the information provided.

Rewards for the Contributors of the Portal

All platform contributor incentives will be paid in INFO tokens from the platform treasury.

  • Appraisers earn a portion of the incentives only if their answer is validated.
  • Verifiers get prizes if the answer they verified is not contested within a specific time determined by the Admins.

The Admins set the reward share ratio, with the default ratio being 50/50 for the Appraiser and the verifier.

We’ve delivered everything that we promised. The next big thing is CEX listing. Await the exciting news to come!

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