Infomatix Portal Lite Release

We are excited to share with you all that the Infomatix Lite, a simpler version of the Infomatix platform built by our developers, is now ready to launch. This version of Infomatix will focus on the core functionality of the platform by simplifying the overall interface and letting people try out the product and let us know what could be done to make it better, and more importantly, take part in the Infomatix Lite contest (INFOTHON) to win an exclusive Silver or Gold access pass NFT. Spoiler: You will need these NFTs to access the Infomatix ecosystem.

The development of the Infomatix portal is in full swing, and we will be able to have the portal ready for launch on Q1 2022 as planned. Here are some of the latest product updates we have for our followers up to date,

  1. Infomatix landing page is being redesigned according to the latest design changes.
  2. The news section on the Infomatix website is now dynamically loading news from the Medium page.
  3. Infomatix Portal was redesigned according to the change requests and several UI and logic improvements.

The Infomatix Lite Platform

As we are nearing the launch of our mainnet, we have decided to release the lite version of the portal early. The main intention of this version is to provide our followers with a glimpse of how the Infomatix portal will work and allow them to have fun climbing up the leaderboard and compete for the Gold and Silver Infomatix access pass NFTs.

We want all our Infomatix followers to actively take part in the INFOTHON and submit the details of the assets they own. All the active contributors, whether or not they make it to the top 50, will be rewarded for the valuable time they spent on Infomatix to help us improve the product. These assets will then be automatically added to the user’s Nosis profile.

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Incentives for the INFOTHON

We plan to have a public leaderboard attached to the website where users will be ranked according to the number of assets they have submitted to the platform. We will reward the top 50 users according to the leaderboard.

  • Top 10 users — GOLD NFT Pass, which comes with exclusive perks to pass holders.
  • Top 11–50 users — SILVER NFT Pass, which will have exclusive perks to the holders.

In order to reach the top of the leaderboard, users will need to provide accurate details of the assets that they have. The more accurate data a user provide, the higher the rank they will have on the leaderboard.

Inviting more users into the platform will increase the chances of reaching to the top of the leaderboard.

Referral Bonus: After submitting the assets, a unique link will be provided to each user to invite more users to try out the Lite platform. Users with the most number of invites to their name at the end of the contest will receive a reward of X $INFO, which we will reveal in our next Medium before the contest launch.

Good luck to all of you!

🟢 About Infomatix

Infomatix allows experts to monetise their unique expertise and reduces communication bottlenecks by combining demand for price data with the supply of expert knowledge. With Infomatix, anybody looking to trade non-public assets may connect with a wide variety of experts to get pricing and background information.

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