Infomatix: Road To Mainnet

As many of you know, the Infomatix portal's Beta version was announced on 17th December 2021. Infomatix Portal Mainnet launch is expected to be completed in late January / Early February 2022.

Infomatix is a one-of-a-kind platform that enables experts to monetise their specialised knowledge and eliminate communication barriers by merging demand for pricing data and supply of expert information. With the help of a combination of web 3.0 technologies and network dynamics, Infomatix intends to legitimise a new class of investors and decentralise financial data.

The non-digital asset class market is estimated to be a multi-trillion dollar market, considering real estate, the most significant part of that. Infomatix caters to all alternative and illiquid assets from Realestate to Sneakers, Pokemon cards to Antiques, and Jewellery to Artwork. In addition to that, it also caters to the crypto, equities, and commodities markets.

With that brief introduction to Infomatix, in this article, we will explain to you everything that we have achieved so far and what we have coming up between now and the mainnet launch.

Key Milestones Leading to Mainnet Launch Explained…

🔸 Assembling Nosis and Infomatix Team

The team for Infomatix and Nosis was formed back in Q1 of 2020, initial recruitment being our CTO, Dr Sergey Lesninskyi and his team. Sergey has a PhD in Applied Mathematics and has worked as a full-stack developer for almost two decades. Sergey and his team are in charge of developing the Infomatix portal and ensuring that the massive amount of data coming in goes to the right place and is easy for people to find.

🔸 Infomatix Conceptualisation

We originally started building Nosis, and that's when we realised how difficult is it to find pricing data for non-digital asset classes, which led us to build Infomatix. After the team formation was done, the next most significant achievement was to form ideas about Infomatix into concepts to make sure that ideas were straightforward to understand.

🔸 Infomatix Development Begins

Soon after Nosis V2 development concluded and the Infomatix concept was adequately understood, the team started the development of the Infomatix portal in Q1 2021.

🔸 Continuously Improving UX and UI

Development of the Infomatix portal there were hundreds of hours spent improving the UX and UI of the platform. These improved iterations were regularly carried to the Infomatix portal to ensure that the portal was easy to use by the end-users.

🔸 Test Group Formation

On 6th December, we invited members of our community to register for the testnet group of the Infomatix portal.

We received over 150 applications in just under 24 hours, out of which we selected 85 members to take part in the testnet. Together we tested hundreds of real-world data submission iterations to determine the ideal logic for the final version of the portal.

🔸 Beta Version of the Platform Launched

After many months and thousands of hours of hard work, the Beta version of the Infomatix Portal was announced on 17th December 2021.

Wondering how the final version of the portal will work? Here's a portal walkthrough video from our CTO, Sergey Lesninsky.

🔸 Launch of our very own INFOTHON

We will have our first ever INFOTHON leading up to the mainnet launch. Like a Hackathon, but instead of coding, we will have information collection as the task and exciting rewards to grab in this exciting event. More details will be announced in the coming days.

🔸 Mainnet Launch of the Portal

Mainnet of the Infomatix Portal is scheduled to be launched in late January 2022. This will allow requesters to request data from the platform while allowing experts to incentivise their knowledge.

Community Learn and Earn Contest

To take part in the contest,

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Good luck to you all!

We achieved a lot in 2021, and with the mainnet launch being the first significant achievement coming up, 2022 will be big for Infomatix. Stay tuned!

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