Introducing Infomatix

Infomatix is a unique platform that combines the demand for pricing data with the supply of expert knowledge inside a single ecosystem, minimizing communication bottlenecks and allow experts to monetize the distinctive information they hold. The major issue addressed by Infomatix is that individual investors do not have access to the same information and tools as institutions, which puts them at a disadvantage. Our mission is to free knowledge from the clutches of institutions and allow individuals to get access to information.

Retail investors, private collectors, professional appraisers, economists, and scientists willing to contribute their data and hobbyists who keep records of publicly available data are some of the users that can take the best out of the Infomatix platform.

Infomatix allows anyone who is planning to trade a non-publicly traded asset to acquire the needed price and background information by interacting with a diverse range of professionals who possess adequate knowledge and have the legal permission to disclose data about their fields of specialization.

Infomatix Ecosystem Explained…

The Infomatix ecosystem is made up of two key platforms, platform visualizes financial information gathered from multiple conventional data vendor APIs, such as Tiingo (for stock) and CoinGecko (for crypto), and also the Infomatix data API, and allows users to submit requests for data that is not presently available from these sources, see the history and responses of their requests, rate responses, and open disagreements for incorrect responses. platform is responsible for processing data requests, paying incentives to respondents and verifiers, handle dispute resolution and response ratings. Infomatix’s centralized database will contain all of the information provided by the users, including their profile and rating data, as well as their response, verification, and dispute history.

Infomatix frontend contains a user interface for requesters and verifiers to submit and verify data, and an admin panel for the administrators to monitor platform metrics, modify parameters, settle disputes, and administer the incentive system.

$INFO Tokenomics…

Unique tokenomics of its own utility token, $INFO, allows the Infomatix users such as responders, verifiers, and admins to earn token rewards for their engagement on the platform and will also be accepted as a form of payment on and across the Infomatix ecosystem. In the future, with the capabilities of smart contracts, it will be able to control token rewards through the consensus of ecosystem members. Infomatix is integrated with web3 wallets (Metamask, Trust Wallet, and BSC Wallet), allowing users to check their INFO balance and transfer tokens straight from the Infomatix interface.

With a total quantity of 72 million tokens, 30 million INFO tokens are reserved for the benefits of ecosystem contributors and are administered by the platform following the reward policy.

These Tokenomics were updated and a new smart contract was deployed on 2nd November 2021. Read more about this change and the new tokenomics here:

Token Sale and IDO

Tokens are planned to be sold in three stages: seed sale, private pre-sale, and the IDO in which the token will be listed on a decentralized exchange and allow $INFO to be swapped into BNB or other BEP20 tokens. The token will be offered at $0.032 per $INFO during the initial presale. All unsold tokens will then be added to the IDO allocation at the end of the presale stage. Each participant will get 25% of their allocation upon completion of the presale stage, and 25% every month subsequent completion of the IDO until they have earned their entire 100%.

Key Takeaways

  • Infomatix is a one-of-a-kind platform that brings together the need for price data and the supply of expert knowledge inside a single ecosystem.
  • Nosis is a data visualization platform that visualizes financial information gathered from multiple conventional data vendor APIs.
  • Users such as responders, verifiers, and administrators will be rewarded with $INFO tokens for their participation on the platform.
  • $INFO is deployed on Binance Smart Chain with a total supply of 72,000,000 tokens.
  • $INFO tokens are planned to be sold in three stages: seed sale, private pre-sale, and the Initial DEX Offering (IDO).

Make sure you join us for more details about Infomatix and the latest updates on the development process of Infomatix and Nosis.

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A data collection project like no other |

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A data collection project like no other |

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