Meet Our Team: Sergey Lesninsky, Infomatix CTO

In this article, we are pleased to bring you an interview with the Chief Technology Officer of Infomatix and Nosis, Sergey Lesninsky.

Sergey is a well experienced Full Stack Developer with more than a decade of experience in the field. In this meet our team series article, we will discuss his background, how he first joined Infomatix, his responsibilities as the CTO, and many more!

1. Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you start your career as a Developer, and how did you become a CTO? What projects have you been involved in before Infomatix?

I started working as a full-stack developer more than ten years ago. During this time, I have passed the long and action-packed path from a freelancer to a team lead and CTO of product teams developing complex distributed systems in non-trivial domain areas, namely medicine, finance, etc. I want to highlight several exciting projects where I was previously engaged:

  • An efficient medical technology made for Oral Surgeons and their teams to simplify documentation, reduce mistakes and save valuable time. That is a comprehensive solution that automates and streamlines all stages of patient workflow from check-in to check-out.
  • Microfinance technology that enables loans through smartphones on customer-friendly, sustainable terms. It uses innovative technology to pre-qualify customers within minutes of applying for a loan based on ability and probability to repay.
  • A decentralised money platform based on peer-to-peer IOUs (“I owe you”, an acknowledgment of debt) built on blockchain technology. Participants who know and trust each other in real life grant each other credit lines in the system. They can then pay each other without using fiat money. Contracts govern these peer-to-peer credit relationships with specific conditions, fee structures, and repayment rules.

2. How did you get started working on Infomatix?

I was looking for an ambitious project in an exciting domain area where I could apply the knowledge gathered through years of my work, accept new challenges and take part in developing an innovative and valuable product. After the first meeting with Nathan and Tomer, I saw with half an eye that this was a perfect match to my expectations and accepted the offer without a moment’s hesitation. And then, I dug into the technical implementation of the brilliant idea.

3. What have we used to build Nosis and Infomatix? What the tech stack is

We followed the best practices of building complex systems when developing the platform. TypeScript was chosen as the primary programming language. It offers strict data typing, supports the OOP paradigm, and allows the front-end and back-end development in one language, which simplifies managing a team. We use NestJS as the backend framework and React as the main frontend library. PostgreSQL is used as a DBMS, and our infrastructure is running on AWS.

4. Give us a brief overview of your functions as the CTO for Infomatix. What does your typical workday look like?

My main task is to provide a qualitative and well-timed technical implementation of the project. This is a multifaceted process that covers the entire way from the idea to its implementation. I am in touch with product owners every day, transforming their ideas into a technical working plan. Then, I take part in creating a primary technical specification, defining specific technical solutions, and composing and distributing tasks between team members. I track the working process, assist in resolving the greatest challenges and conduct final user acceptance testing of an implemented functionality.

5. How would you describe the team of Infomatix and the culture of the company?

We are the team of professionals that puts quality at the forefront.
We openly communicate and are always in touch to ensure the team has a clear sense of purpose. Each member is a reliable team player who contributes his fair share of the work to collective project success.

6. Do you believe Infomatix has the potential to revolutionise data collection? Give us your vision of Infomatix, and where will it stand five years from now?

Absolutely! It is a unique product that provides an all-in-one solution for tracking investments of any kind. A distinguishing feature of the project is the possibility to get the price for any physical or online asset and contribute to a global database. I am sure this product will always be on the rise, and its value will only increase in direct ratio to the number of new users and evaluations.

7. What or who inspires you? Is there any figure, inside or outside of crypto, that has had a significant positive influence on you?

I am inspired by those who have a unique look at things that are common to us, which allows making out-of-the-box revolutionary solutions and continuously improving products or a domain area they are working in. I believe it is they who create the future.

8. Is there any specific trait or skill you’ve developed working on Infomatix?

I am continuously working on improving my performance. Being Nosis Group CTO, I’ve gained strong organisational and management skills and keep going!

With that, we conclude our third article of the Meet our Team series. We have a lot more team members that we want you to meet. Stay tuned!

🟢 About Infomatix

Infomatix allows experts to monetise their unique expertise and reduces communication bottlenecks by combining demand for price data with the supply of expert knowledge. With Infomatix, anybody looking to trade non-public assets may connect with various experts to get pricing and background information.

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