Why $INFO is the Next 1000x Crypto Coin to Buy in 2022?

INFO, the native token of Infomatix, is launched on Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) and plays a crucial role in the Infomatix platform. A utility token, which serves a specific goal within the Infomatix ecosystem.

Infomatix enables experts to monetise their specialised knowledge and eliminate communication barriers by merging demand for pricing data and supply of expert information. With the help of a combination of web 3.0 technologies and network dynamics, Infomatix intends to legitimise a new class of investors and decentralise financial information.

How does the Infomatix platform work?

The Infomatix ecosystem is made up of two platforms, Nosis.io and Infomatix.io. Nosis visualises financial data from different sources, while Infomatix deals with data requests, incentives participants, resolves disputes, and grades responses.

The main focus of the ecosystem is to decentralise information so that it is not primarily in the hands of institutions but in the hands of individuals. This ensures there is a balance of information between retail investors and institutional investors in terms of access to information and tools. This allows regular investors to access financial data and tools that were initially only available to institutions.


Consider collectible cards as an example; suppose you purchased a Pokemon Card back in 2016, but you could not keep track of what it’s worth as of today. This is where Infomatix comes in handy. The platform allows you to enter the card’s details that require valuation and automatically send the information to the Responder. An expert in collectible cards will analyse the card details conditions and provide a valuation based on the market.

The valuation is then sent to a verifier. The Verifier will check the valuation to ensure it is genuine and accurate and approve it if everything is correct. Once approved, the data is written to the Infomatix database, and Infomatix provides you with that particular piece of data. Additionally, this data is accessible to investors seeking to refer to the same data point.

Why $INFO has 1000x potential in 2022?

Real World Use and Efficient Business Model

People tend to invest in things that they understand — real and practical use. Many cryptocurrencies have weak or even non-existent use cases. Others have a good use-case, but it is tough for investors to understand what it is all about.

Unlike many tokens, it’s easy to understand what Infomatix does.

“Infomatix is democratising the world’s financial data and making it accessible to all” the aim of Infomatix is to create the world’s first pricing mechanism for alternative and illiquid assets and allows anyone to have access to these data. Such a pricing mechanism does not currently exist.

The Infomatix platform will extend its primary use case of sourcing and verifying on-demand data to include on-demand due diligence for traditional, digital and decentralised business models. This evolution empowers the Infomatix community to help make the world of investing better for everyone.

Fully Doxxed Team

Investors prefer to invest in altcoins where they can see the team.

How many altcoins don’t seem to have a good team? Many don’t even have a picture or bio. These are to be avoided.

In INFO’s case, the team is as transparent as possible, with critical members attending multiple interviews.

The Infomatix team consists of 29 members from around the world, especially in Ukraine and Asia.

Have a look at the entire team here: https://infomatix.io

Effective Community Communication

People pay close attention to how well a company communicates when contemplating an investment. They like to see a regularly updated website, road map, and activity on Twitter and Telegram.

Infomatix team regularly updates the public with Business Updates and news published on their website or other channels such as Medium. Furthermore, they are active every day on Telegram, Discord and Twitter. Getting in touch has proven to be easy. Getting answers to all the questions is even easier with knowledgeable members active in the Telegram group. Everyone in the community is responsive and helpful and does their part to see INFO succeed.

Small Market Cap & Low Price

Small-caps can make big moves in a short period of time. Small-cap cryptos sometimes deliver 100’s even 1000’s of percent gains within days of being “discovered”. Longer-term moves of 100x or 1000x are not uncommon for small, lesser-known crypto.

At the time of writing, the INFO’s market cap is around $1 million. That’s abysmally small for a startup that solves a problem that has not yet been addressed by any project out there.

Investors are much more likely to make a significant gain with small-cap crypto than with a large one. It would be tough for a $20 billion token like Polkadot to do 10x, let alone 100x. This wouldn’t be such a stretch for INFO. Some of the most prominent and longest-standing cryptos have achieved these returns.

On top of that, the INFO price is still low. The token has barely gone up, whilst much of the crypto market is down.

INFO seems to be overlooked. There appears to be no YouTuber talking about it. The INFO story is much more potent than many of the promoted tokens. It’s only a matter of time before INFO attracts the attention of someone in the media.

Significant Updates to Come…

Infomatix mainnet launch is just around the corner, scheduled to be launched in Q1 2022. Infomatix aims to step into NFTs by releasing their NFT collection in the upcoming weeks.

Apart from that, partnerships with top-tier projects and Tier 1 CEX listings will also come as the project matures.

A lot is happening with INFO, some announced and some to be announced when ready.

Where to Buy/Stake $INFO Tokens?

INFO is traded on DEXes such as PancakeSwap and ApeSwap, traded on the Centralized Exchange, AAX.

The team provides various options to stake INFO. You can stake your INFO to earn more INFO on the Tosdis platform. You can also stake your INFO on ApeSwap to Earn BANANA as the reward; not only that, you can stake GNANA to earn more INFO on ApeSwap as well. INFO fixed savings on AAX is also live.



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