Relationship Between Infomatix and Nosis

During the earliest stages of arranging an investment, information-centred challenges occur. Since every transaction includes at least two parties, thoroughly researching and evaluating all the information on the counterparty is essential. Due diligence research is an everyday activity to detect risks and develop suitable risk management strategies. Due to communication inefficiencies and limited access, there is a substantial shortage of many types of financial information. Expert knowledge that may meet the need for this information might be difficult to monetise and communicate effectively.

Using a single ecosystem, Infomatix will combine the demand for price data with the supply of expert knowledge, eliminating communication bottlenecks and allowing experts to monetise their expertise. Infomatix platform enables users to request both time-dependent price data and due diligence reports.

Users can access these reports using the platform, which is entirely free.

What is is a freely available data visualisation platform that visualises both the financial data and the due diligence reports. Nosis does not require authorisation to visualise data; users must sign up to store their portfolio settings and personalise their dashboard.

The platform visualises financial data obtained from various traditional data vendor APIs, such as Tiingo or CoinGecko, and the Infomatix data API. It allows users to submit requests for data that is not currently available from these sources, see the history of their requests and the responses given to them, rate the responses, and open cases if they believe the responses are incorrect.

How Infomatix Interacts with Nosis?

The Infomatix backend handles most request processing and features logic implementation, interacting with and external services via APIs. All data supplied by users, including their profile and rating information and their response, verification, and dispute history, will be saved in the Infomatix database.

Key Components Explained…

  • Infomatix UI: Allows users to register as responders or verifiers
  • Nosis UI: Allows users to visualise financial data and requests data for custom assets
  • Web3 Wallet: This allows users to see their INFO token balance and make transactions.
  • Infomatix Data API: One of the key components that Nosis is using to interact with Infomatix. It allows as well as other platforms to access Infomatix data.
  • Infomatix Request API: This allows users to submit data requests from Infomatix via Nosis UI.

The team has developed a brand new platform for Nosis (Nosis V2) with many new features such as the latest market news, top movers indicator, etc. The newest version will be released within a couple of days after the final testing is completed. Feel free to use it and give us feedback! Available at or (until testing is complete)

Nosis PRO

A sophisticated analysis tool that runs on top of the current free capabilities. Offered on a paid subscription basis, it will provide additional value to users as a way to use their INFO tokens. Still, it will also ensure the stability of the token itself through additional use-cases, and closed-loop scenarios keep funds within the ecosystem.

We believe that this article gave you a basic idea of what Nosis is and how Nosis interacts with Infomatix. There is more on the way. Stay tuned!

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A data collection project like no other |

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A data collection project like no other |

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